9 Quick organisation tips for your home

Have you ever gone to unplug your phone charger to pack for a trip or moves somewhere else only to accidentally unplug your alarm clock? This easy one off task will save you time (and frustration) down the track. Wherever possible label your electronics cables! Label the electrical cords at the power point so you can easily tell which appliance you are unplugging every time.

Christmas is a busy time of year and the last thing you need is to fuss around untangling the lights. This year when you pack them up, wrap them around a spare square of cardboard or a cardboard tube left over from all that wrapping paper you’ve used. Simply cut a notch at one end of the roll and tuck the end of the string of lights into it. Then roll the lights round the tube or cardboard square working slowly along its length. When you come to the end make another notch and tuck the end into it. Next year there will be no untangling for you!

Dividers made for your kitchen draws also make great dividers for other items – think office draws for your stationary items, bathroom draws for your make up, or even the junk draw for batters, string, and chargers.

Keep a plastic bag in the bottom of your wardrobe and as you come across clothes that don’t fit anymore or items you no longer need to keep collect them in the bag. Once the back is full you can throw it in your car and drop it in a charity bin.

Hang a shopping list inside your pantry or on your fridge so as you run out of something you can note it down right away and prevent forgetting something. For the more tech savvy there are shopping list apps that allow you to scan the bar code of your items and it will automatically add it to your electronic shopping list!

To keep track of product manuals and warranties, place them straight into clear plastic wallets in a ring folder. I also suggest keeping your receipts in with this information. This way you will always know where to find the instructions, and you will have everything you need should you need to make a claim down the track.

Colour coding! You will be surprised how well this works for almost everything in your home. Using coloured tags to keep family members clothes easy to identify, similarly you can keep the kids washing orgnaised by using different coloured baskets for each room. If you have a holiday home or caravan use different coloured towels and linen so you know what needs to be stored where. Colour coding can help you sort your paperwork, and keep up and coming projects separate from school reports.

If you are stuck for shelf or cupboard space you can make room by storing all of your CDs and DVDs in CD wallets, these are cheap and easy to flick through!

Its easy to shove some leftovers in the fridge with the intention of having them tomorrow only to forget all about it and have the item go off before it gets remembered. To prevent this you can dedicate a shelf closer to eye level for the items that need to be used first, that way you won’t over look them ever again.


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