Alice in Wonderland party theme!

This is one of my favourite themed party ideas! There are so many different ways to use this idea for different occasions. I’ve seen kids parties, weddings, fancy dress parties, and even milestone birthdays all celebrated in this style. You can go as small as themed table settings, food, and drink, or as big as head to toe costumes, games, and a show.

A good friend of mine loves Alice in Wonderland, particularly the Disney version. So for her morning tea party at work I arranged some sandwiches, tarts, cookies, cakes, tea, and cordial, all with themed signs and mad hatter dishes everywhere.

I’ve taken some pictures (see below) of what I came up with for the morning tea, this was an easy way to celebrate a birthday without spending a lot of money on things you might not need again.

Alice Party 1 copy

I used some simple cards and wrote ‘drink me’ and ‘eat me’ in true Alice style and placed them around the table near the food and drink.

Alice Party 2 copy

After raiding the kitchen I found some cups, tea pots, glasses and bottles to scatter all over the table. This gave it a mad hatter feel, too many cups for the number of people – allowing for plenty of CLEAN CUPS!

Alice Party 3 copy

These centerpieces were a stroke of luck for me. I wanted to do something to tie in the theme a bit more. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and I didn’t have loads of time. I had seen some Christmas decorations that gave me the idea of using flowers and playing cards to make the tables look more ‘Alice’. I already had 2 metal buckets and I went to the local $2 shop and found some roses, place mats, paddle pop sticks, and some of that green foam florists use. Putting it all together didn’t take long at all and they turned out much better than I expected.

If you’re interested in using Alice to theme your next event, click here for some ideas and tips.


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