What colour are you feeling?


Warm Colours

Did you know that in general, warm colours make you happier and more comfortable? Using bold shades of red, orange and yellow can stimulate the mind and have an energizing effect on the body. Not so good at bedtime though given you need to slow down ready to sleep.

Warm colours are best used in flourishes rather than huge statements – like having a red splash back verses painting your entire kitchen red.

Red energizes the body, increasing heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. Red is a mixed bag, it can be beneficial in motivating you to exercise, but it can also be linked with increased aggression, and an inability to focus.

Universally loved by girls, pink makes you think about femininity and creates a calming atmosphere. Pink can be seen as unconditional love and nurturing. But it can also be seen as immature, silly and girlish.

Bright and cheery, yellow is associated with happiness and motivation. Soft, subtle yellows are good for concentration while brighter shades can stimulate the memory and increases metabolism. Like anything in huge doses, too much yellow can make you feel of angry and frustration.

Friendly and welcoming, orange is a social colour. Orange is inspiring and great for putting people at ease. Like yellow, too much orange can be over-stimulating so use bold shades sparingly.

Cool Colours

Cool colours have a calming effect on the body and can make a room feel spacious and relaxing – think open skies and rolling waves. Dark, cool colours on the other hand can make you think of thunder storms and dark places, so use them in moderation.

Even though they have a soothing nature, cool colours are not particularly inviting and can leave people feeling cold and reserved. To soften the effect, you can use it together with creamy neutrals and dress with soft fabrics and comfortable accessories.

The exact opposite of red on the colour wheel, blue calms the mind and body, lowering blood pressure, heart rate and respiration and decreasing feelings of anxiety and aggression. If you have trouble sleeping you may benefit from spending time in a blue environment. The physical effects of blue also cool the body, creating a refreshing oasis in hot, humid locations.

The colour of the imagination. It can be creative and individual or immature and impractical. Also associated with wisdom and spirituality, purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red, taking on the characteristics of either, depending on the shade. Purple can also have a luxurious feel and is associated with wealth and royalty.

Green promotes a serene and calming environment, think of nature. Associated with health, healing and well being, green has a soothing effect on the body and mind, reducing anxiety and promoting concentration.

So there you have it, a quick summary of colours and how they can effect your mood. Don’t forget these are just general summaries, liking one colour over another can be as simple as personal taste and not reflect hidden meanings.



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