You have a weekend to yourself…

relaxing-at-homeLife gets busy. Between work or school, chores, errands, spending time with your friends and family, your days are full to the brim.

Its not often you get time to yourself, let alone an entire weekend! If you manage to get some time all to yourself here are some things you can consider doing to help relax and recharge your batteries.

1. Play catchup on tv shows or a new movie. If you like to record tv shows this is a great chance for you to watch old episodes. You can also rent some DVDs, this much time to yourself is perfect for seeing some great flicks you didn’t get to see at the movies. Make it even more relaxing with a cup of your favourite tea or coffee.

2. Buy yourself a bunch of your favourite flowers and enjoy looking at them every time you walk past.

3. Go for a leisurely walk and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Take the dog for some fun company.

4. Take a nap or go to bed early. This will help you catch up on some much needed rest if you are feeling completely zonked from a tough week, your body will love you for it.

5. Brew a pot of tea and read a new book – this is one of my favourites.

6. Make some popcorn and have a themed mini-movie marathon. Watch four or five flicks starring your favourite actor, or with a storyline that always makes you happy.

7. Listen to some music. Even when we have time to ourselves we women can’t help but get other things done too – so get a bit of cleaning, or washing done while you listen to your tunes. Now you have the rest of the weekend to feel guilt free!

8. Set yourself a little budget and go shopping for fun stuff!!

9. Take a long bath, with bubbles, candles, some wine… you get the picture.

10. Make some “comfort food.” Cupcakes, cookies, cakes, pies… choose your favourite treat and get going!

11. Have a Spa day at home. Put on a face mask and relax in your dressing gown. Take a long hot shower before doing your nails and pampering yourself silly.

12. Do some of those little jobs that will make your life easier! Change those light bulbs that went out, go and get a spare copy of your house keys to prevent panic if yours go missing in the mornings, throw away those clothes with the holes and replace them with things that will make you look and feel better.

13. Call or visit a friend. Bring along some home made cookies so you can enjoy them together.

14. Girls night! Get your girlfriends together and head out for a movie, some dinner, or just a catch up and drinks.

15. Look through old photo albums and remember all the fun and interesting things you’ve done. It might inspire you to do new things.

16. Plan and overnight stay for somewhere semi-local you have always wanted to go. Sometimes an escape from home and your daily routine is what you need to re-energize and rejuvenate yourself.

17. Go play mini golf with some friends. How long has it been since you played mini golf? This is great fun and a relaxing distraction.

18. Write down all the things on your mind that might be stressing you out. Put the list away somewhere for later, and stop worrying about it for now. When you come back to it you can look at it from an outside perspective and come up with some solutions. You might even realise some things weren’t all that important after all.

19. Organise a picnic just for you. Pack up a basket with your favourite lunch and a good book and head out to the country side. There are some great parks around that would make a relaxing lunchtime visit.

20. Go to the beach or local lake. Even if its not warm enough for swimming, you can just sit and enjoy the beauty of it.

21. Try meditation. If sitting still is not your thing you might want to try yoga or pilates.

22. Go outside, get comfortable on the ground or a lounge chair and just watch the sky go by.

23. Start making your dreams a reality. Start researching that overseas location you have always wanted to visit, look up new kitchen ideas and create a budget for getting it done. Set some goals and make your dreams come true.

24. Do something arty or crafty. Get out some paints or pens and draw, or gather up some paper and get cutting and pasting.

25. Do some deep breathing. You’d be surprised how focusing on your breathing can help to relax your entire body.

26. Get some take away food for dinner! You can pick your favourite food and not have to think about what anyone else prefers.

27. Spend some time on Pinterest! This site has loads of pictures that will inspire you to spoil yourself. Just browsing through the pins will take your mind off everything else.

28. Get out your blender or juicer and make a jug of delicious juice just for you. You can relax out in the sun with your home made fruity drink.

29. Take some pictures of simple things. Your favourite mug or the garden you have started growing. You can save these into a file or create a scrapbook of things you’ll want to remember.

30. Host a casual dinner party for a select group of friends. With all this time off you can spend an entire day pottering around getting different foods ready.


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Hello and welcome to the Brick Road Creative Studios blog! My name is Kathryn, feel free to take a look around. I hope you find some helpful and inspiring bits and pieces here.
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