Wanna get organised in just 10 minutes?

positMost organising ideas have a quick finish. To be successfully organised though, it needs to be an on-going process. Getting your home tidy or de-cluttered isn’t the same as having an organised home. The good news is it doesn’t have to be hard and time-consuming! In fact, a great deal of organising is just a matter of maintenance.

If you’re short on time but feel the need to get your life into some kind or order and on the path to being more organised here are a few ideas you can complete in 10 minutes or less:

1. Combine outfits ahead of time.
Grab 5 coat hangers, put 1 outfit on each hanger, peg socks to each hanger. Hang them in a designated area of your wardrobe ready to go. See that? You are set up for clothes all week. This is also a great idea for getting your kids dressed each morning, huge time saver!

2. Sort your mail.
The worst thing you can do with your mail after collecting it is to put it on a ever mounding pile or leave it for later. The sooner you sort it the better! See my previous post Mail and paper organising system for a quick and easy way to keep on top of your paper.

3. Clean out kitchen clutter.
Do you have a broken whisk or a knife that lost its tip? Toss em. A draw full of random items you have not used in years and bits you still don’t know how to use? Clear them out. Wipe out the draws and you’ll have an organised set of draws that it will be much easier to keep that way.

4.  Spare socks?
First you need to buy a laundry bag (also know as a laundry protection bag) for each person in your house.  This bag gets kept in the bedroom of each person and as they wear socks and take them off they put them directly into their bag. Getting different coloured bags or labeling them with names will help you keep them in the right room. When it comes time to do wash the socks you throw the entire bag into the wash and once its done the socks are already sorted and together!

5. Handy dandy notebook.
Not all jobs need to be done on the spot to keep your home organised. Keep a notepad stuck to the fridge with a magnet or one by the phone so that whenever you think of something you need to get or when you run out of something you write it on the list ready to pick up the next time you’re out.

6. Multi-Tasking.
The next time you stop for petrol or to check your oil/tyres/water, wipe down your dash and get rid of the dust collected there. Check the back seat and collect your rubbish and throw it away. If you have any items that you need to bring inside with you, put them together ready to bring inside.

7. Keep your handbag clean.
When waiting in line at the bank or post office you can have a look through your purse or handbag and gather up any papers you no longer need, tissues or pens that don’t work. You can throw them away and stay on top of handbag clutter.

8. Calendar and coming event.
At the end of the week (before you start the weekend wind down) grab out your calendar and make a note of any special events or needs that are coming up. This way you can add any extra food you need to buy to the shopping list, make sure you pick up the dry cleaning before your next event, or make sure you get those birthday cards written and sent. This will save you time, and keep the stress down during the week.

9. Supply Check.
Before you head out to the supermarket for your weekly shop, do a quick check of the essentials. Make sure you have toilet paper and tooth paste, washing power and dishwashing tools, light globes and batteries. Its so much easier to save yourself time during the week when you have back up items. These things might not be needed weekly so its easy to forget them when you get to the store.

10. Night time routine.
Think about the things you will need to take with you tomorrow. Anything you can set up the night before ready to go, do it. Get any bags you’ll need packed and ready (gym bag, kids bags, work case etc). Make sure your keys are where they should be, shoes, coats, hats are all ready.

There you have it! If you do some of these already I hope I’ve been able to help you think about other ways you can save time and get organised 🙂

If you have a tip on getting organised in 10 minutes or less feel free to share it and comment below!


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Hello and welcome to the Brick Road Creative Studios blog! My name is Kathryn, feel free to take a look around. I hope you find some helpful and inspiring bits and pieces here.
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