Mum and daughter date ideas

mum and daughterYou don’t have to wait for a birthday or mothers day to take some girl time out. More than that its important to make time for those mum and daughter days or afternoons, no matter your age. Here are some activities in case you do need some extra ideas on how you can spoil your mum or spend more time with your daughter.

1. Take a day off.
School and work are both important, everyone knows that. But you know what else is important? Taking some time off and spending it together. Whether its been a bad week, or you’re having a hard time, you can always depend on venting to your mum and spending a restful day together.

2. Coffee, lunch, shopping.
Do I need to elaborate? Getting together to catch up over lunch is a seemingly simple activity, but those are the chances you have to chat and find out whats going on in each others lives. Its the little things like this that you remember, buying that handbag and shoes together, laughing about losing the car 🙂

3. Hobbies.
No matter your age you can sit down together and create something. I’m a fan of scrapbooking but maybe you love to bake or make cards or sew. Even doing puzzles together is a great hobby to work together and finish.

4. Reading!
I’ve always wanted to start a book club, but more often than not my mum and I have different tastes in books. So our version of ‘book club’ is to put the kettle on, choose our favourite seats and settle in for some quiet reading time. When the kettle is ready we have a chat about what we’re reading now.

5. Get active.
There are loads of team activities you can get involved in, basketball, netball, cricket, soccer, etc. If you’re more into something with a slower pace you could just go for a walk or a bike ride.

6. Relaxation day.
Whether you want to visit a day spa or create your own spa experience at home, you can enjoy a relaxing day together. Think natural face masks, sugar body scrubs, nail polish, and fruit smoothies

7. Picnics in the park.
This is one of my all time favourite things to do on a warm spring day. We pack the car with some blankets and pillows, stock up the eski and head out into the country side with no particular spot in mind. There are so many parks and picnic areas its easy to find a nice quiet spot. We generally double this up with a book club meeting 🙂

8. Take a ferry ride or go on a cruise.
Kids get so excited when they get to try something new. I remember the first time my parents booked a house boat for us to holiday on, it wasn’t a huge boat but we were so happy we couldn’t help but say ‘hi’ to my dad every time we passed him, you can imagine this getting old really quickly on such a small area haha.
Whether you’re planning a family holiday or just a day trip for the girls boats are always a fun new thing to try.

9. See a movie or stage show.
There is something special about the atmosphere when the lights start to dim and the anticipation for something new and exciting comes over you. Stage shows are changing all the time and you need to see them when you get the chance, so worth the experience.

10. Take a class together.
Before I was working full time I would take a pilates class with my mum every week. Its far more motivating going with someone else! And you feel more comfortable and confident in your abilities when there is a familiar face around. If pilates isn’t your thing you can try an art class or pottery, check out your local community centre.


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