Father’s Day activity ideas

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For dads that love to fish there is no better way to let him enjoy his special day. Whether it’s extreme, deep sea, or a trip to the neighbourhood lake with the family, a fishing trip can be a great way to spend time with your dad.

Car show

Dad a car nut? Contact your local car clubs to find a nearby show of amazing vintage hot-rods or the latest electric car. Click here for some different shows on in Victoria.


Even Dad likes to go shopping, but it just may not be for clothes.  Take Dad to all of his favourite stores and spend the day shopping for anything from wrenches to antiques.

Road Trip

Go away for the weekend as a family. You can camp and explore the bush, or hire a house boat and cruise the rivers. You can just make a day of it and find a park to stop and do a BBQ lunch. The fun isn’t only in the destination, but in the journey – think I spy, audio books, and sing alongs.


Is your dad a seasoned cricketer? Or maybe he loved basketball as a teen? Grab some gear and head outside for a few games. You should let him win a few, it is his day after all 😉


Get out the old board games and challenge dad to a game, or 5! If its raining outside there is no reason you cant still play some indoor games.


Get your dad to tell him stories about how he use to spend time with his dad, or the things he did as a kid. You’ll be surprised at the amount of funny and interesting stories that come up when you ask.


Lego was a great Christmas present for us kids growing up, but somehow dad always managed to ‘help’ us put everything together. Getting out the lego and letting your imaginations run riot is a fun way to spend time together.

Breakfast (in bed?)

As a kid doing something as grown up as making breakfast in bed for your parents is great fun. But it loses appeal as you all get older. Take your dad out for a big cooked breakfast, you’ll soon get to know some great places to eat.

Ask him!

Who knows better than your dad! Ask him what he would like to do. Maybe he’d just like to sleep in and then have a late brunch before watching some tv at home. Maybe he’d like to spend the afternoon with his dad 🙂


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