Home organisation folder section details

What kind of things should you keep within each section of your home organising folder? Well I’ll tell you:

Planning Divider. Your planning divider has everything to do with planning and time management. Think calendars, schedules, and to-do lists. In-depth planning tools such as goal planning worksheets, do the hard work of translating goals to reality.

Money and Finance Divider. Keeping track of your dollars and cents makes sense, so use a Money and Finance divider to keep track your money and have it work for you. Keep track of household finances with budget pages, inventory sheets and household information. Some examples:

– budget/spending record
– bills to pay
– credit card list
– online service/online account information
– home inventory
– insurance information
– safety deposit box inventory
– utilities/services directory
– magazine subscriptions
– vehicle records
Meals and Menus Divider. Use this section to hold grocery shopping lists, pantry and freezer inventory sheets, monthly and weekly menu planners. You can keep a section for favourite recipes and recipes to try. Page protectors hold kitchen appliance manuals.

Phone Divider. This section will be the most useful, most-consulted section of any home organisation folder. Because this phone listing is independent of any one personal cellphone or directory listing, it’s the place to keep numbers needed by family members and visitors for easy access. This is the place to keep all contact information: take-out phone numbers, club directories, emergency phone numbers and phone messages.

Home Management Divider. This divider holds information central to your house and home. Cleaning, entertaining, decorating and household storage information. More items you would keep in this section:

– household cleaning schedule
– children’s chore checklists
– home inventory
– home decorating ideas
– party planners
– car maintenance schedule
– stain removal guide
– recycling/tip locations
– home storage inventory
– Garage sale checklist

Family and School Divider. This section tracks information needs of your household members, some ideas you might want to think about including:

– personal information page for each family member
– clothing sizes tracker
– master occasions list (birthdays, anniversaries)
– gift suggestion list
– birthday party ideas
– list of DVD/videos to rent
– list of books to read

If you have with school-aged children you might want to also include:

– school schedules and holiday list
– lunch menus
– carpool schedule
– school information page
– school reading lists
– homeschool records
– summer programs information.

Health and Fitness. Organise your health care with a Health and Fitness divider. Have a medical emergency? Grab the Household Notebook on the way to the Emergency Room. Use this section to record illnesses, medication and medical history.

– diet trackers
– medical information sheet for each family member
– emergency directory
– prescription drug record
– insurance information
– pet health records

Travel and Activities. This divider covers the extra-curricular activities such as hobbies, clubs, sports, volunteering, holiday and travel ideas. Some printables and items you might want to include in this section:

– picnic planner
– travel packing checklist
– before-we-leave checklist
– camping checklist
– holiday idea list
– house-sitter information sheet

And there you have it!


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