Tips for keeping the car clean and organised

wash meIt doesn’t take much for your car to become a dumping zone. Coats, boxes, bags, gym stuff, rubbish… its all too easy for things to get left in the car and forgotten. Dust and dirt collect on the outside and you cant even remember what colour it should be! (ok that’s an exaggeration but you get the point).

These tips will help you remember to clean the car, sort out what is in there now, and will also tell you how to keep it clean and tidy all the time.

1. Rubbish bin and spare bags in the car. You can use a plastic container or one of those small office bins, whatever fits in best and makes life easier for you. Its much easier to keep the car clean when you have a clear place to put the rubbish and a way to take a full bag out of the car.

2. Wet wipes. How often have you touched something sticky or spilt something and needed to clean it up? Keeping some wet wipes in the car will become a life saver!

3. Keep paper towels and tissues in your car. If you have them in there chances are you wont need them. But think how handy it is when you need to dry your windows before driving, or clean up spills.

4. In and out rule. It is a great habit to get into to take out what you brought in. It can be easier said than done when you have your arms full of bags and coats. I recommend keeping a spare canvas bag (or basket) in the car for just such occasions. If you have some small bits to juggle you can put them in there and take them inside. Simply empty the bag when you get inside and put it in your handbag or with your car keys ready to put back in the car.

5. Keep kids stuff in its own bag. If you have a need to entertain the kids in the car with books or toys keep everything in a bag in the car. Before they get out help them put everything back into the bag ready for the next trip.

6. Keep a strong plastic bag in the car just for a wet umbrella. Getting to and from the car can be tricky in winter, keeping an umbrella handy will ensure you stay dry and the bag will help your car stay dry too!

7. Keep a notepad and pen (that works!) in the glove box. Not only is it handy in case you need to remember something, you will always be prepared for whatever you need to make a note of.

8. Did you know you should be washing your car at least once a month? And once a week in conditions such as snow, hail, and wind causing pollen and dirt to cover your car? Well now you do, make a note to wash it on the first weekend of every month and you’ll stay on top of it. Why not vacuum the car when you wash it? keep the inside and outside spick and span 🙂

9. Use a drive through car was or a wash while you shop car wash. Not only do they use less water than you would at home, but both save you time and energy.

10. Do what you can with your weekly fuel up. Take some rubbish out of your car, clean the windows, throw some lose items into your canvas bag ready to take inside when you get home.


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