Family fun, across the universe, and Happy book week!

reading kidsEach year schools and public libraries from all over Australia spend a week celebrating books and encourage the younger generations to take part. It is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the importance of reading to children. Why not get the entire family involved this week as we celebrate stories, storytellers, and all the people dedicated to sharing these wonderful gifts with us.

Don’t forget to visit your local library for competitions, activities, and story reading time.

story time

Not sure where your local library is? Click here for the eastern suburbs guide.

read accross the universe

This year’s theme is ‘Read Across The Universe’ and there are loads of activities available for the entire family to get involved.

1. Do the kids love to dress up? Choose a different book each day and have the kids colour coded or dressed up to match the characters. Read the story together and encourage them to read to you.

2. Choose a book your teenagers will enjoy and have everyone read the first 3 chapters before you discuss it. If they have to read a book for school why not read that, the discussion will give them a better understanding of the plot and it might even help them with their homework.

3. Start a book club with your friends or coworkers. You can all choose a new book for that everyone will read and get together in a month to chat about it. Or you can all read different books and tell each other if they are worth reading. Its a good way to share books too!

4. Borrow some picture books from the Library and have the kids use paint or crayons to recreate them. Their artwork can be on display for the entire book week.

5. Borrow or buy an audio book and play an hour of it each night before bed. Some of my favourites are the Harry Potter series, The Magic Faraway books, and the secret garden.

6. Write a letter or email to your favourite author telling them how much you enjoy their writing and appreciate what they do.

7. Donate books to the less fortunate. There are people all over the world, and even closer to home, that don’t have the privilege of owning books. If you have some books that are still in good condition but you no longer want them, follow this link to find out how you can help others.

8. Write a list the the books you would most like to read over the next few months. You will better remember what books you already have and what you would still like to borrow or purchase. New releases tend to cost the most but if you give it time they will become more affordable.

9. Keep a book with you to read for those ‘fill in’ moments, waiting for the kids to finish school, waiting in a line, when the bus or train is delayed, while on the bus or train, on a plane, these moments pop up all the time, be prepared with a good book.

grandparents10. Invite the family around for afternoon tea and some story time of your own this week. Get the grandparents involved by having them read a story to the kids.

Interested in finding out this years short list for the book of the year? Click here

Happy Book Week!


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