Holiday activities for kids (spring edition)

kids in springSpringtime is a great opportunity to have some fun, be with your family and get outside after a long winter. There are lots of activities and events to get involved with at this time of year, so you won’t be short of things to do. Make the most of your time by planning some fun activities and enjoyable days out with family and friends. If you aren’t sure what to plan for, here are a range of different things you can do this Spring.

 1. Go on a picnic

Instead of eating out or doing the same old thing at home, if the weather is nice enough you can go for a picnic. It’s free to go to your local park or spend a day in the countryside with a picnic. All you need to do is prepare the food and decide where to go.

2. Visit a farm/farmers market

Spring is the perfect time to go and visit a local farm. There are usually local markets with petting zoos too. Spring is when all the little lambs as well as other farm animals are born. The weather should also be fresh and sunny, ideal for strolling round a farm and enjoying the countryside. If you end up at a local farmers market you can pick up some fresh local produce for your family get-togethers.

3. Get active

Don’t sit inside during Springtime, get active and enjoy some outdoor activities. Go walking, bike riding, play hopscotch, or even rowing if you have a lake or river nearby. Then when you have spent the day doing exercise you can wind down and enjoy a nice dinner together.

4. Float boats in puddles

Spring in Victoria can still be wet and rainy, what better way to enjoy the wet weather than to splash around in puddles and floating paper boats in tiny rivers.

5. Daisy chains and dandelions

In spring there are flowers blooming all over the place. Why not collect some and put together some daisy chains, the kids will love to wear them around and playing dress ups outside. Dandelions are also a plenty this time of year, have some fun blowing the seeds away and making wishes.

6. Climb trees

Some of the best adventures happen in trees, let imaginations run wild up in the trees. If you have a decent tree in your yard why not build a tree house or fort? Hours and hours of fun, out in the fresh air.

7. Take silly pictures

Pulling silly faces and laughing at each other is the best fun. Taking pictures means lasting memories of those happy silly moments. Try all pulling the same face or themed faces – scary, crazy, extreme happy!

8. Go barefoot in the grass

On sunny warm days there can be small simple pleasures like taking off your shoes and walking around on the warm grass. If you have a new toddler they may not have experienced the sensation of grass between their toes, let the run a muck!

9. Turn off the TV

You’d be surprised how often the tv gets turned on over the holidays when there are plenty more interesting things to do. If you have teens try hiding the remote or taking the batteries out! Get them out of the house by going to the beach for a day.

10. Let them help you fix things

Not only will this equip them with very important skills for when they are older, they will feel included and important. Let your little ones help out with the washing or vacuum before the novelty wears off! If you need to fix a lose nail or paint over a stain on the wall, let them help or at least explain what you do while you do it. You’ll have a house full of handy helpers before long!

11. Teach them how to make a bed

Not just how to tidy it after sleeping in it, but how to take off the doona cover, pillow cases, and sheets. Once you put everything back together again let them lay on it and make a bed angel! Spoiling a freshly made bed is one of my favourite things!

12. Box rocket

Make a refrigerator box rocket and fly to the moon together. Cutting holes and painting a box is only half the fun. This box is now anything they can dream up!

13. Finger painting

Get some child safe paints, I recommend blue, yellow, and red as your base colours, and some butchers paper. Cover a table in some plastic or a water safe washable tablecloth and let them paid all over the place.

14. Blow bubbles

Using a bit of washing detergent and water together with an old coat hanger can make some huge bubbles. Let them run around outside (where the mess can stay) and make bubbles!

15. Lay in the grass spotting shapes in the clouds

Each cloud formation can become a new creature. You always see something different and this can be a nice lazy way to spend a hot day.

16. Stargazing

On cool clear nights its easy to see the stars. Why not rug up and watch the shiny stars and make up your own constellations. If you know a few real ones even better 😉

17. Go for a walk in the bush

Walking trails are everywhere, most places will even be able to show you the family friendly walks. Help your kids to spot different flowers or animals as you go.

18. Search for four-leaf clovers

If you’re after a bit of quiet time, offer up a prize to the lucky child to find a four-leaf clover. Intent on their search children can actually be surprisingly quite, at least for a little while.

19. Go fishing

Young kids are happy enough to be involved in the activity, you can give them a stick or fishing rod with a sinker and they’ll be happy enough. Or let them keep an eye on dad’s fishing rod, if the tip bobs they’ll be the first to let you know!

20. Read them some spring time fairy tales before bed

You can make up a story from the activities you all participated in throughout the day and tell it to them before they go to sleep. Or break our an old favourite like The Secret Garden, The Hungry Caterpillar, or The Windy Day.


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