Wasted weekends, being a savvy chic, and harassment of the spider variety

So I’m one of these people who procrastinate like crazy. When I have all the time in the world I put things off because there is plenty of time to do it later. (Unless it involves a spider, those things gotta go, no hesitation.) It’s not until I’m completely flat-out and busy that I seem to get things done. I also find that when I’m busy I get more inspired to work on other tasks than the ones I’m suppose to be doing, which is a type of procrastinating all of it own.

Another weekend spent doing very little, I slept in, watched movies, ate food, was harassed by a huntsman, and generally did my best impersonation of a potato. In my defence I did do one load of washing and hung it out… yeah I know, some defence. I guess I just get in these moods and don’t want to do anything. It feels like the ‘too much time’ syndrome again, I figure there is plenty of time to do it all later.

When it comes to being harassed by spiders on the other hand, there is no time like the present. I was driving home yesterday, that’s right, in the car moving at highway type speeds, and given the mild weather I had my window down and was enjoying the night air when I noticed a creepy crawly making its way up the side of the driver door towards my window. One girlish squeal and some faster-than-the-flash movements later the huntsman was out of my car and my window was closed. Unfortunately there were two of its little feet trapped in the window. Distracted by the eight legged arachnid I couldn’t promise to drive home safely, I decided to lower the window the tiniest fraction to allow it to escape while staying on the outside of my car and hoping that the force of the wind of the free way would blow the little bugger away from my car.

Gathering my wits I managed to stop thinking about the spider, imagining it taking a nice little flying fall away from my car. But lo and behold I get stopped 15 minutes from home and the little bugger decides to run up my driver window! A gasp and a ‘why?!’ later I’m leaning away from the window and imagining all the different ways I could get out of my car without the damn thing falling on me. I couldn’t help but picture it climbing back in my car while I did my best to stay to the speed limit. 5 minutes from home and the speed slows some more, the harassing bug decides to run over my windscreen and down the passenger side. Without much further ado I pulled in the driveway, pushed all of my bags out of the driver’s seat, leapt from the car deciding to give it a good old vigorous spray with something very deadly later.

Speaking of later, I’m going to start reading ‘The Art of More for Less, Savvy Chic’ by Anna Johnson. There are suppose to be tones of budgeting tips and I plan on doing a book review to share some of the tips I find helpful. Another thing that is planned for later is a food shop, you know you’ve procrastinated too long when you start running out of things that last for ever, like pepper.

*writes killer spider spray on the shopping list*


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Hello and welcome to the Brick Road Creative Studios blog! My name is Kathryn, feel free to take a look around. I hope you find some helpful and inspiring bits and pieces here.
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