The lost art of letters

lettersI was cleaning out some of my old junk when I came across a box of letters I had saved from back in school. Hey I’m not THAT old, we did have email when I was in school, but writing letters to old friends was just so much fun! I love waiting for letters and then writing a reply, there is just something about the time and effort put into letters that make it so much more special.

I have been writing to a friend of mine since we were both 15. She moved interstate with her family and we kept in touch with letters. Our letters have become less frequent as the years go on and we get busy with life and all of its distractions. But that makes me cherish them even more.

So here’s to the lost art of letters, and all the lovely people who still send and receive them.


About Kathryn

Hello and welcome to the Brick Road Creative Studios blog! My name is Kathryn, feel free to take a look around. I hope you find some helpful and inspiring bits and pieces here.
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