How to Save electricity! (Project Power)

Tip 1

Save power in the kitchen! Turn off the toaster and kettle when they are not in use – even just having the power turned on at the wall uses electricity.

Tip 2

Ensure your fridge is running efficiently. Also note that a full fridge actually works more efficiently than an empty or half empty one. Make sure to let food cool fully before putting it in the fridge so it doesn’t need to work harder (and use more power) to cool it down. Lastly de-frost foods in the fridge, they will make the fridge nice and cold and it won’t use as much power, its also a healthier way of de-frosting your food as having it sit at room temp or in the sink with water actually encourages the growth of bad bacteria.

Tip 3

Did you know a computer monitor uses three times the amount of power as the tower? Make sure to turn the monitor off when you aren’t using it, leaving it on screen saver mode all the time uses loads of power.

Tip 4

Ze boodwa – check all the appliances in your bedroom. Is there a CD player that is always turned on at the wall that could be turned off? Is it hard to reach your tv power supply? If its too difficult to change this at least make sure your tv is not on standby – there is usually a button on the tv you can press to turn it off, this means you wont be able to use the remote to turn it back on, you’ll need to press the button again (better to use your energy than having to pay more electricity!). Tidy up and make sure its easy to have things turned off at the wall when you get the chance. Heaters/fans turned on/plugged in when you’re not using them? TURN IT OFF.

Tip 5

Heat/Cooling! In the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the lounge room, all night long… if there is no one in a room for an extended period of time (longer than an hour) don’t use electricity to heat that room (fans on gas heaters also use electricity). Its wasted warmth! Use more clothing or blankets to stay warm, they won’t cost a cent!

Tip 6

Hair dryers can be a killer, I know how we girls love to style it up and have our hair looking saweet fine! But these buggers use loads of electricity. Where possible avoid using them and let your hair dry naturally. I’m not saying don’t use them, beauty sleep cant do everything, just be conscious of the amount of power it uses and cut back where you can.

Tip 7

Light bulb! It’s a great idea to switch light bulbs to a lower wattage wherever you can spare the light. Hallways are a good example, you know it’s a clear straight line you just need a little light to make sure the Dog hasn’t decided to take a nap somewhere in the middle. Same goes for bedrooms – if you don’t do your make up in the bedroom you can stand to use a lower wattage bulb. Daylight bulbs are another option – they are white lights to make a room appear brighter, but they are still energy saving globes!

Tip 8

Regularly defrost your freezer to keep it working in tip top shape. Same goes for your fridge. There are coils that can get very dusty and need to be cleaned to ensure your appliance is working at its best.

Tip 9

Don’t use lights during the day. Open up those curtains and let the sunshine in! Natural light is refreshing and very good for you – soak it up!

Tip 10

An oldie but a goodie – if you leave a room and no one is in there, turn off the lights. You don’t need to leave the lights on for someone that isn’t there, even if you are coming back to the room, you can just turn them back on then.

So there you have it! 10 Tips for saving power – not only good for the environment but good for your wallet too!!


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