Sleep deprivation fun, and crazy new habits that just might work!

sleepingSince the new year, I have been setting my alarm much earlier than I ever have before. I have been using the tips from my ‘Mornings are hard!‘ post and they are really working! I’ve been getting so much more done and feeling MUCH more well rested.

There have been a few hiccups along the way, staying up a bit later then originally intended being one of them. Restless sleep has become another one.

So when my trusty alarm tells me to get up before the sun I’m not always feeling it. So I’ve been looking into some different bedtime routines that should help prevent nights like these. At the moment my routine is very basic, I brush my teeth, get changed, then head to bed. Then I snuggle down for the night. I have a few visualisations that I use if my mind doesn’t settle down right away, and they usually work to get me off to sleep. But I want to make sure I get a good night sleep all night by adding in a few things to my routine.

I have found a few tips on how to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed. I think slowing my body down at least half an hour before bed will help my mind also slow down so that I’m not wired.

Some great tips (and things I hadn’t thought of) are things like making sure my room is dark enough to sleep well at night, but it will allow the sun to shine through the window in the morning. They say your body’s circadian rhythm wont know its time to wake up if there isn’t more light in the morning. Luckily I have thin-ish dark curtains, so I get plenty of darkness at night followed by some daylight in the morning.

Staying up too late use to be an issue for me, but I’ve kicked a few bad habits. At one time I’d hop into bed and and then put a movie on, and watch the whole thing before sleep. Now I read for half an hour which is much more relaxing. I have allowed time to get my 7.5-8 hours every night which is a big part of making sure you wake up refreshed.

Avoiding drinking too much before bed is also a big one. Some tips recommend not drinking caffeinated drinks or alcohol before bed as it can keep you awake. I rarely have a coffee and when I do its usually a first thing in the morning deal. I’m a social drinker so that isn’t an issue for me either. I’ve thought about this tip in general though and I think it is a good idea to have my last drink for the night with dinner, and its usually water or mineral water anyway. I’ll still sip water when thirsty, but not having huge quantities in my system while I sleep I think will help.

So that’s it, a new easy routine that wont take too much time, and some great tips to stick to. Lets hope I sleep better tonight!


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