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Odd Things You Can Do to Help Beat the Winter Blues

Feed yourself. Seek out your favorite comfort foods, preferably the healthy ones, and enjoy them. I love soup with toast in winter. It’s so comforting and warm – and still healthy! MUSIC! Just because you’re stuck inside on the weekend doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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Winter comfort foods – Zucchini Lasagna

A friend of mine recently gave me her interpretation of Lasagna -gluten free, and loaded with veggies! By replacing the pasta sheets with Zucchini she has created this tasty (and low carb) master piece! You will need: 500 grams of … Continue reading

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What inspirational quote guides you through your day?

I recently came across this question ‘What inspirational quote guides you through your day?’. It got me thinking about the quotes I have come across and what they mean to me. One of my all time favourites is by Gilda … Continue reading

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A touch of whimsy

  When it gets cold outside and winter hits with rain and cold it’s nice to daydream about what to do next summer. Today’s post is all about summer daydreams. Enjoy!

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House plant tips to nurture your green thumb, from a self confessed plant killer

I have no luck with plants. My first ever plant was a cute little cactus that I bought at a school fete. It was in this glass pyramid and the lady who sold it said it just needed a tea … Continue reading

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Holiday Travel Guide: Print this out and stick it in your suitcase!

A Long awaited Holiday is something to really look forward to and enjoy. But there is always a lot to do before you leave, and forgetting things can mean spoiling your trip. A little forward planning can make sure you … Continue reading

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10 Minute Challenge – Procrastination Killers

Why do we procrastinate? Experts say we do it to prevent feeling a certain amount of pain. Usually this doesn’t mean psychical pain, it can mean fear, shame, or vulnerability. If you think about the tasks you avoid on a regular … Continue reading

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50 things you can do this weekend for FREE!

It’s always great fun to go out for dinner and a movie or spend a special weekend away and a charming B&B. But not all of your weekend activities need to cost a bundle. Why not keep things simple this … Continue reading

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