I think I might be a little obsessed…

b00s1lc8Has anyone seen Alys Fowler in her The Edible Garden series? If you haven’t click here and educate yourself, I’ll just wait here until you come back…

If you can’t wait and want to read on I’ll give you a quick run down of this inspiring series; Alys Fowler is a Gardener and a writer. In The Edible Garden she attempts to avoid shop-bought fruit and vegetables and live off her own home-grown produce. It’s no easy task because Alys doesn’t want to turn her garden into an allotment, she wants it to be visually pleasing as well as productive.

It might be because it’s so cold and wintery here that it’s nice to see so many other warmer seasons in an episode. Or it could be that this show is so different to other gardening shows I’ve seen.

I adore her garden, it is exactly what I imagine a cottage garden to be, even though she mentions living in town. A simple path, some chickens, pretty flowers layered all over the place. Not only that but her garden provides them with fruit and vegetables! I’ve never been much of a green thumb as stated in previous posts, but I am keen to throw together a few pots of lettuce and maybe grow some strawberries after watching this series.

In episode 1 Alys Fowler makes delicious broad bean falafels and pea-shoot cocktails. This episode is all about how she starts the garden when to plant beans and peas.

Episode 2 is salad, salad, salad! Alys weaves salad crops through the flower borders of her small urban back garden. Even the flowers are edible!

In episode 3 we follow Alys through the process of planting root crops and leafy greens, and how they are the mainstays of an edible garden.

This was one of my favourite episodes (number 4) where Alys grows some juicy fruits and makes jams, tangy fruit leathers and apple rings.

Episode 5 shows how flowers and herbs bring the garden and kitchen to life. Alys walks us through her process for selecting items for her garden. They need to serve one of three purposes and if they serve more then one all the better!

This final episode, number 6, Alys grows Jerusalem artichokes to harvest when the rest of the garden sleeps. I was so sad when I had finished them! But I think I could watch them again and pick up new things I missed the first time around.



aly gardenanywhere2

Happy gardening!



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