My new bestie, Stress

Stress is bad. It makes us look tired, it takes away our sleep, it fills our days with frowns and worry.

So why in the world would I want it to be my new bestie?!? I’m glad you asked.

Not many people realise how the stories we tell ourselves really affect us. Take ‘stress’ for an example. Stress makes our hearts pound, our breathing quicken, our thoughts race, and it makes us more alert of our surroundings (or on edge). Because of these uncomfortable feelings associated with being stressed it has become a huge public health enemy. But did you know that it might only be bad for you because you believe it is? What if stress was helping your body prepare for challenges? What if it was actually helping and not hindering?

Interested to know how you can see this amazing side of stress?ย Click here to watch an excellent TED video featuring psychologist Kelly McGonigal and her views on how we need to change our outlook on stress.



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3 Responses to My new bestie, Stress

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  2. Hey Kathryn. I watched that TED talk and I thought Kelly McGonigal was great although I didn’t think it was an overly new theory. After all stress, which gives us the flight, fight or freeze response, is a primal reaction in order to keep us safe from harm. As if we are in danger and we get stressed and the adrenaline starts pumping to give us the power to run from or fight off that danger. I would imagine top performers like elite athletes or musicians, say, would have an enormous amount of “stress” run through their bodies before a performance in order to give their best. I guess healthy people would already be harnessing stress to enhance their performance.

    I have generalised anxiety disorder so I stress about everything. I try to follow the mantra that “resistance is persistence”, so cognitively I understand the more I resist stress or anxiety, the more it makes a stranglehold on me. I try to tell myself “it is only anxiety, it won’t kill me”, hoping that by accepting it I can reduce its power over me. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work and I can go into full blown panic mode. That’s where regular mindfulness practice is helpful and I should do more of, so I can notice when stress is just stress and let it go.

    I didn’t know about the effect stress has on oxytocin though. I suspect that antidepressants and other psych drugs would probably do something to help use that hormone for people like me. Oxytocin is also the body’s natural pain reliever. Like she said, sounds great if you could snort it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyway, very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks for the comment Vanessa! Anxiety can really make life difficult, I have a few friends and relatives that suffer from both anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve read about mindfulness, but haven’t made it a regular habit, maybe I should put together a post about that! It might prompt me to practising daily ๐Ÿ™‚ So glad you enjoyed the video, it was a revelation to me! Now to create a powder form of oxytocin! haha

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