Building better communities; good deeds growing seeds

Yeah I enjoy a good rhyme, deeds and seeds – that’s University level rhyming right there ;-). Today I wanted to share some details about some projects I have been working on. It’s more than a project actually, it’s a charity dedicated to making a difference to the lives of children in Jabang Village, The Gambia.

Children of Gambia Services

Children of Gambia Services (CoGS) was formed April 2007, in the UK. The charity’s aim is to meet the educational, welfare and medical needs of children in The Gambia.  I first learnt of this Charity in 2012 having met one of the volunteers who had migrated to Australia and wanted to continue her work with the charity. CoGS Australia was established in 2013 to support CoGS UK by bringing  another dimension and much needed support to the Charity. For all the details on the fantastic founding members of CoGS Australia you can read more here.

The first event I attended was a Shopping Tour. Can I just say I have never had that much fun shopping before! A coach to drive me around (plenty of space to stow all my goodies!), exclusive discounts, warehouses full of goodies, and plenty of food to enjoy along the way! Not to mention a percentage of the total amount we spend at each store goes directly to the charity! I had the best time, did all my Christmas shopping, and found out so much about what the team have been doing to help not only the kids but the community in Jabang Village, The Gambia. I learnt that all of the people involved in CoGS are volunteers. This means that every dollar raised at the events goes directly to the site. When team members visit the Village they buy their own tickets and pay their own way.

Fun events that raise money to directly help children? I had to be a part of it!

I’m thrilled to have joined the team in February this year as a committee member and I look forward to visiting the site myself in the future.

This year we have 3 events organised, the first being a business lunch. All of the committee members are volunteers so we divide up the work for each event so that we all focus on different events. We are thrilled to have 2 amazing presenters who have donated their time in support of CoGS for our Business Lunch, Jon Yeo, & Danielle Storey!

All proceeds from this event will go towards the development of the sustainable nutrition program at the CoGS Nursery School in Jabang Village. This program, provides a hot meal each day for the children which is often their only meal for the day. Involving the community in farming is going to assure a sustainable program for each generation, some good deeds to plant seeds ;-).


Jon will be presenting “The power of connected communities and loyal customers”, and Danielle will be sharing “Practical Leadership Systems that make everyone feel like a million dollars!”. I’m really looking forward to this years presentations, I know I am going to get so much out of it and not only for my business.

Children of Gambia Services

If you would like to receive news and updates from CoGS click here. Feel free to visit the website and check out other projects on the go




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