An act of skulduggery

You have to believe me when I say I have eclectic taste in literature. I’ll pretty much read anything I can get my hands on; biographies, blogs, teen lit, news articles, chick lit, si-fi, cereal boxes you name it. When I come across a good find I have to share it and pass it around to anyone that I think would enjoy it.

Skulduggery-Pleasant Book ReviewToday I want to provide a review of Skulduggery Pleasant, Derek Landy’s first book for children (aged 11+). There are now 10 novels in all and I devour each one as it comes along. Derek’s writing is action packed and incredibly witty, I have no problems recommending these books to older teens and anyone who loves a mixture of magic, action, creepiness, and loads of humour.

Stephanie Edgeley, just 12 years old but wise beyond her years, gets caught up in this new world (magic really does exist, villains are scrambling for power) when her Uncle dies and she meets “Skulduggery Pleasant” for the first time. Skulduggery happens to be a skeleton, magician, detective, and becomes a mentor to Stephanie.

Naturally we have villains galore throughout this series, the first bad guy is after a key that belonged to Stephanie’s late Uncle. It becomes our lead characters task to foil their plans and save the world, naturally.

It’s a great read and if you are a magic/action/adventure/drama fan, you’d enjoy how fast paces these novels are.

A taste of Derek’s style!

“Found something?”
“No, sorry. I thought I had, but, no, it turned out to be, uh… more floor.” ~ Derek Landy Skulduggery Pleasant

“What is it?’ Stephanie whispered.
‘That, my dear Valkyrie, is what we call a monster.’
She looked at Skulduggery. ‘You don’t know what it is, do you?’
‘I told you what it is, it’s a horrible monster. Now shut up before it comes over here and eats us.” ~ Derek Landy Skulduggery Pleasant


“China is the same age as I am, and even I have to admit that she wears it better!” He laughed, then stopped and peered at her. “Because I’m a skeleton” he explained.” ~ Derek Landy Skulduggery Pleasant

“This is your one chance. Tell me where the key is.”
Serpine raised an eyebrow. “Really?”
“No, only joking. Do your worst.” ~ Derek Landy Skulduggery Pleasant

“What would killing the Elders result in?”
“Panic? Fear? Three empty parking spaces in the Sanctuary?” ~ Derek Landy Skulduggery Pleasant




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