Time savers for busy Mums

jugglerI caught up with a close friend of mine recently we have known each other for more than 15 years. Since first meeting we have gone through teen years of movies, shopping, school camps, and drama, to living in different states, jobs and overseas trips, to relationships and kids, and every time we meet up I feel as though no time has passed at all.

I was so thrilled to catch up on all that she has been doing. It reminded me that you do really need to make time for those catch ups. So today I want to share some great time savers for all the busy mums who need that extra time to keep in touch with your best friends.

Keep a Family Calendar. As the kids get older there will be more and more things to keep up with. Using a to-do list can make your day or week look daunting, but there is no simpler household management tool.

Put those kids to work! While kids need downtime and playtime, teaching them to help with household chores are also good for them — and great for you. Chores instil independence and responsibility in children, and help busy parents save time.

Big Batch cooking day. Pick a day to cook multiple dinners or a big-batch meal that you can freeze to help get you through the week. This can save you a lot of time during the week if you have after school activities or other things that prevent you getting to the supermarket.

Minimise. The more stuff you have in your home, the more cleaning, dusting, and organising you need to do. Yes we all need things to make our lives easier and more enjoyable, but if your house is bursting at the seams, it might be time for yard sale or big donation.

Play dates. Kids are going to want to hang out with their friends after school so why not have it benefit you too! Agreeing to watch a friend’s or neighbour’s kids in exchange for them watching yours is an affordable childcare idea and a time saver for mums on the go. During those couple of free hours, squeeze in some overdue errands, or better yet fit in some of that overdue ‘me’ time!

Automate it. Robot vacuum cleaners, single-cup coffee brewers, slow-cookers, and online shopping were made for you, Mum. Use today’s time-saving gadgets and appliances to your advantage. A friend of mine cannot say enough about her robot vacuum and how it has changed her life!

I hope some of these tips help you!


About Kathryn

Hello and welcome to the Brick Road Creative Studios blog! My name is Kathryn, feel free to take a look around. I hope you find some helpful and inspiring bits and pieces here.
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