Travel can change your life!

My first experience with travel was good old-fashioned family camping. When you are young you don’t really understand distance the same why you do when you are older. Back then driving for a few hours to a new camping spot was a huge adventure.

I have been on all kinds of trips, from no thrills camping to all-inclusive resorts and each trip has passed on experiences and lessons that I know have helped me become the person I am. So today I wanted to share just a few ways in which travel has changed my life.


You become grateful for what you have. No matter where I go just getting away from day to day life really helps me see all that I have and I feel really grateful. It’s amazing what taking that step back to see the overall picture does.


You focus less on the virtual and more on reality – the here and now. As you might have noticed I love taking pictures, but I often go a few days without checking my phone or taking any pictures at all. Having all that time away reminds me to be present and enjoy my trip.


Travel brings people together. Whether you travel with family, a friend or on your own you are constantly interacting with people to get you from place to place. Travel helps you step outside of your usual circle and ask new people for advice, and sharing your own.


You gain confidence. The more you travel the more you learn. To step away from your routine and travel takes courage.

reading outside

A sense of independence even if you’re not travelling alone. This was a big deal when I first finished school and wasn’t driving yet. Being able to catch a plane and just go somewhere new was such a thrill.

You appreciate the small things. When you travel you generally are living out of a bag. It just goes to show you don’t need a lot of stuff to be happy. Knowing that I have a clean set of pjs in my bag after a long flight and checking in to a strange new place is really comforting.

Holiday Travel Guide: Print this out and stick it in your suitcase!

A sense of self – more strengths, and less weaknesses. I didn’t know how adventurous I was until the opportunities presented themselves. Travelling helps you to discover new interests, desires, and goals for your life.

Upper Yarra Dam Apr 18 2011 038

Travel can really change your life if you let it.


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