60 years strong

Last week my Grandparents were featured in the local paper having recently celebrated 60 years of marriage. What an achievement! I’m so happy for them and I feel blessed to have had them in my life.

The house they live in was built by my Granddad in the early years of their marriage. As stated in the article below they were living in their now garage while the house was built. Now that was a lot of people to fit into a single card garage! It would have helped that they were one of the first houses on the block and there were no need for fences, surrounded by paddocks and farms.

A few fun facts about June and Rod:

– The first time they met, June had just arrived to visit Rod’s parents home and he just so happened to be wrestling with his brother on the living room floor! I remember June telling me thinking he was a brute!

– They have the best backyard ever. EVER. No really, the best ever. Chickens, veggie garden, a huge oak tree (complete with acorns you can throw at each other, and build fairy furniture with), canaries, a woodworking shed, frames for making tents with sheets, and a cubby house – BEST place to spend school holidays as a kid.

– Nan taught me how to crochet, knit, recycle paper, and substitute foods in recipes (she is celiac, and lactose intolerance).

– I have never seen them fight (there has been the occasional bickering but its short lived and usually ends with some laughs).

Below is a copy of the article. I just had to share it! Happy 60th Anniversary June and Rod (Nan and Pa)!!

Nan and Pa


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