Planning your next summer road trip and how to make it the best ever!

Open-road_iStock_000018239670XXLargeIt’s almost summer, which means it’s almost time for glorious summer road trips! If you’re planning on hitting the road soon, don’t forget to make a list of local attractions and events along the way, as they say its not the destination, its the journey!

When it comes to road trips there are a few initial questions to ask yourself:

  • What sort of experience are you looking for?
  • Who is going?
  • What type of car are you driving?
  • Are you wanting a warm climate or a wintry destination for a change?
  • When are you available to go and for how long?

Once you have an idea of these basics you can get to the real planning. Things like:

  • Accommodation
  • Fuel
  • Food
  • Activities
  • Shopping / Entertainment


Now some things to consider wearing, packing, and doing!

Comfy clothes! You don’t want to be sitting in a car with your skinny jeans for hours and hours. Think along the lines of yoga pants, a sun dress, or something along those lines. By all means pack your jeans for different activities but think of something comfy for the car.

Snacks! It can be very tempting to pick up junk food at every petrol station or even to just take loads of lollies and salty treats with you to munch while you drive. But its summer and you want to consider your bathing suit too! Choose one, your favourite kind of lollies or treat and take that, but take some fruit for munching. But drink plenty of water, it is summer after all. Try not to eat too much in between stops or you wont feel hungry for your meals at new restaurants.

Music! You’ll find that the radio drops in and out during a road trip. While its a good idea to try and catch local stations to see what is happening in the area, you’ll also want to make sure you don’t get sick of the silence in between. Create some unique road trip playlists to listen and sign to.

Plan some pit stops! My favourite are usually the unplanned pit stops, but if you are on a tight schedule you’ll want to have at least the main stops planned. Nothing worse then deciding to stop at the next town only to find it’s another 2 hours away. When planning your pit stops make sure there is somewhere to eat, and somewhere to go to the bathroom. I always pack a back up bathroom kit with toilet paper, soap, water, hand towel, and hand sanitizer – just in case! But don’t forget the fun of your stops – take pictures, buy souvenirs, write in your travel journal about your trip so far.

Stretch! Don’t forget to stretch out your legs with some walking and stretches whenever you stop. It’s easy to get sore from sitting in a car for too long. Same goes for the driver – take shifts so that you get an equal share of the view.

Good conversation! No matter who you take on the trip its a great opportunity to chat and have a really good catch up. Topics that are always okay: work, favourite food, five year plans, what you’re reading, projects you are working on.

Finally some basics that will prepare you for any situation!

  • Its a good idea to have a car service before any big trip, but some basics to check are:
    • Brake pads, break lights, headlights and blinkers.
    • Car tires.
    • Windscreen wiper blades, and fill your windscreen fluid.
    • Top up the water level.
    • Coolant level and top up if needed.
    • Oil level and change if needed.
  • Get some road side assistance or make sure yours covers the area you will be travelling to.
  • Check that your insurance and registration is up to date, as well as your drivers license.
  • Pack an emergency kit:
    • Spare tire.
    • Torch.
    • Warm blankets.
    • Water.

I hope this helps you put together a great plan for your next road trip! Happy Travels!



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Hello and welcome to the Brick Road Creative Studios blog! My name is Kathryn, feel free to take a look around. I hope you find some helpful and inspiring bits and pieces here.
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