Gift ideas, budgeting tips, and tricks for shopping this silly season

Want to know how to Shop Like a Pro this Christmas? The first thing you need to know about being a pro shopper is that they never head out without a list, a budget, and a plan. Your list needs to include who you are buying for, at least 2 ideas of what you want to get them, and where you can get it. Without this information you can easily spend too much on something just to get the job done.

Pro shoppers also have a list of other bits that they might need when it comes time to wrap and unwrap – think sticky tape, wrapping paper, gift tags, gift bags, andĀ batteries.

Lastly your plan needs to help you get the most done in the least amount of time. Its a great idea to group your gifts by where you can get them. This saves you going back to shops you have already visited.

If you have a list of people you will be buying gifts for this year but lack some inspiration in what to get them, why not use these links to get some ideas!

Ideas for mum
Ideas for Dad
Ideas for Bro
Ideas for Sis
Ideas for Uncle/Aunt
Ideas for the Grandparents
Ideas for the kids
Ideas for the Kids Teachers/Coaches
Kris Kringle ideas (for those people you don’t know well)

Now that the gifts are sorted, or at least planned, you need to think about food! No matter where you will be Christmas day you will probably need to prepare something. Why not make your Christmas feast a little different this year by adding something new to the menu!

Check out some of these dishes from Jamie Oliver!

Whole Roasted Coliflower
The Best Turkey in the World
Roast Chicken with Mixed Mushroom Stuffing
And loads more!


Click here for more ideas on how to make this Christmas even more special!


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