Holiday activities for kids (summer edition)

summer fun kidsSummer is the best time to get outside and enjoying this warm weather. Here are some ideas of activities you can get up to with the kids this summer:


  1. Float paper boats in puddles
  2. Ride bikes
  3. Pick flowers from the garden and make crowns
  4. Have a water balloon fight
  5. Take silly pictures
  6. Have pancakes for dinner
  7. Climb trees
  8. Play board games outside in the shade
  9. Build block towers
  10. Play in the sprinkler
  11. Take them to the park for a picnic
  12. Make shadow puppets
  13. Let them spend time with their grandparents
  14. Build forts
  15. Finger paint
  16. Blow bubbles
  17. Make mudpies
  18. Go to the beach
  19. Take them to the zoo
  20. Help them plant something
  21. Play dress up
  22. Tie a towel into a cape and play superheroes
  23. Throw them a surprise half birthday party
  24. Make paper airplanes and have a fly-off
  25. Do story time each night until you finish a book
  26. Camp in the backyard
  27. Dress up and have a tea party
  28. Teach them how to skip rock over water
  29. Catch bugs and watch them before letting them go
  30. Start a home library for them

summer time


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