Holiday time! Where do you see yourself heading?

I’m off for 9 days of sun, sand, and surf in Northern Queensland. I’ve been so excited I started packing weeks ago! And I had my list of books to take away done before that!

Given that I’ve done a lot of planning for this trip I thought I would pass on a list of tips to help you decide on your next holiday destination. For this holiday I had a tight budget as well as a set time to go so there was lots of planning involved. I hope I can make your next adventure a little simpler by sharing some of my own hints!

Tips on choosing your next holiday destination

There are a number of things to consider when deciding on your next holiday. How much time can you take off, how much you can afford to pay, how far you are willing to go, when is the best time for you to take that time off vs the best time to visit the place you wish to visit, just to name a few.

Activities. When planning my next trip I like to think about what I’d like to do. Some times its all about an adventure, exploring a new place, trying crazy activities, and learning about the local culture. Other times I just want to plonk myself down on a beach chair and stay there with a few good books for a week. Knowing what you want to do really helps you decide on a location and a time of year to go. This holiday is going to be the later of the 2 so we’re talking nice resorts, lots of rest and relaxation.

Budget. For anyone who has been following the blog regularly you will recall that I am on a Sending Fast, so how can I go on a holiday when I can’t spend any money? Well last year I took part in a little saving project. Each week you put aside some money (week 1 you put aside a dollar, week 2 you put aside $2, all the way up to week 52 where you put aside $52) and by the end of the year you have saved a whopping $1,378! As you can imagine this is an excellent budget to work with for a holiday. I managed to fit flights, accommodation for 9 days, and shuttle transfers into this budget with plenty of spending money left over.

Travel solo, as a couple, as a group, or with the family. How many people do you need to consider for the holiday? It gets pricey when you need to buy tickets for the entire family, driving a few hours can be a better option. Remember to think about the number of beds and the space you’ll need. There is nothing worse then booking a small room only to have to stay in it all holiday because its raining out.

Getting there. Drive, fly, catch a boat, take a train, the options are endless. Remember that getting there is half the fun when you decide on how to you’ll travel. Also travel time requires breaks, snacks, and entertainment – very important.

Now grab out your calendar and book a few weeks off – you wont regret it!!

Happy Holidays!


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