Six Adventures To Take This Weekend

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You don’t have to wait for a week or two of annual leave to have your next adventure. Behold SIX different things you can squeeze into this weekend!

Road trip to nowhere ~ It’s true what they say, the journey is the destination. Why not spend the day exploring a direction, head somewhere you have never been making regular stops to look around and learn new things.

Camping overnight ~ Bush walking, swimming in rivers, cooking on an open fire. If you are a regular camper this is an easy task, just bundle yourselves and your gear into the car and head off to your favorite site nice and early. If you’ve never been camping before I recommend borrowing equipment from friends so that you can get a feel for it before investing in all that gear. Make sure to check the forecast before you head out.

Stay at a B & B ~ One night or two? Head over to google and find a B & B 2 to 4 hours away. Staying somewhere quirky can give you plenty of stories to take home and you wont need to worry about setting up your room for the night.

In search of Brunch ~ You don’t have to spend all weekend on an adventure, even if you only have a few hours why not try a new local cafe for brunch? You might stumble across your new favourite place to eat.

Watch the sunrise (or a sunset for those late risers) ~ There is something magical about watching a day begin. Getting up extra early to enjoy the view is an amazing experience. Even if you prefer a good sleep in on the weekends, make a point of stopping you’re busy schedule to watch the sun set.

Picnic in the woods ~ This is a great one for kids as there is so much to do and see while picnicking in a new place. Stones to collect and throw into rivers, birds to see, trees to climb. Not to mention sitting on a blanket to eat lunch with the family. Always a great day out.


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