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March Reads – BRCS Book Club Review and Discussion

March is coming to an end which means its time to review and discuss The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling. Summary: When Barry Fairweather dies unexpectedly in his early forties, the little town of Pagford is left in shock. … Continue reading

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Psst You’ll love this but your man wont!

‘Man Cold’ Debunked There’s nothing in the medical literature to back up any difference in men’s and women’s colds, says William Schaffner, MD, infectious disease specialist and chairman of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. But men are … Continue reading

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April Reads – BRCS Book Club

So I’d like to announce that Amy Poehler’s new book, Yes Please is going to be our book for April!  I kept hearing great things about this book so I’m kinda excited. I know she and Tina Fey make a great … Continue reading

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What do Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Nicole Kidman, Jimmy Carter, and Mel Gibson have in common?

They are all INFJ personality types! What does it mean to have a INFJ personality? To take an extract from 16 Personalities: As Diplomats (NF), they have an inborn sense of idealism and morality, but what sets them apart is … Continue reading

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25 Things Ladies Do On Sunday That Make It Awesome

It’s been said that a girl and her bed have an endless love affair on Sundays and, honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Is there anything better than waking up in your own comfy bed with no obligations? Here are just … Continue reading

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Time savers you need to try!

Who couldn’t use a few tips to help save time today? If you’re as busy as I am, sometimes its hard to keep all of those plates spinning. I’ve been using different time saving methods to help prepare myself for … Continue reading

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Lamb, Vegetable, and Barley Soup

So here is Melbourne the weather has been unpredictable, but that shouldn’t be anything new to those of us that live here. However I’ve been clinging to the last days of summer when clearly its turning colder. So I’ve decided … Continue reading

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Picnic Days

We’ve had a great summer, its so much fun to pack up some food, books, and blankets and head out for a drive in search of a grassy spot. I’ll miss summer and all the warm days!

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Take the money and run – A Thrifty 15 update

I’m 5 months into the Thrifty 15 challenge, time really flies! It feels like only last week I was heading into November with my Christmas plan of attack. Since then I have managed to save a total of $968.23 outside … Continue reading

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