25 Things Ladies Do On Sunday That Make It Awesome

SundayIt’s been said that a girl and her bed have an endless love affair on Sundays and, honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Is there anything better than waking up in your own comfy bed with no obligations? Here are just a few reasons why Sunday’s are awesome:

1. You can stay in bed and upload 50-plus pictures from your weekend adventures.

2. Sleeping as late as we please.

3. Wearing your most comfy clothes (or PJs!) all day.

4. Re-watching your favouite movie.

5. Binge watching your favourite TV series.

6. Going to the gym/Not going to the gym – we can do what we want on Sunday!

7. Doing the Sunday marathon. Bed-kitchen-bed-bathroom-couch-bed.

8. Brunch.

9. Checking your to-do list for the following week and not having to do any of it today!

10. Chatting with friends on the phone – no one knows you’re in your pjs!

11. Having left over pizza for breakfast.

12. Crawling back into bed for an afternoon nap.

13. Catching up on all your TV shows you recorded during the week.

14. Taking a long bath.

15. Listening to an audio book for 4 hours straight.

16. Ignoring anything you ‘should’ be doing and really taking a day off.

17. Listening to your favourite kind of music all day.

18. Not cooking at all.

19. Take away food.

20. Spending hours googling anything and everything.

21. Random online purchases that you can look forward to getting the next week.

22. Getting to the next level of that game you’ve been obsessing over on your phone.

23. No make up, no shoes, no pants day.

24. Snapchat.

25. Resting up and relaxing all day long.



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2 Responses to 25 Things Ladies Do On Sunday That Make It Awesome

  1. Haha! On Sundays I spend most of my day at church! The only time I don’t spend my Sunday in there is when I’m sick like I was yesterday, and then yes – it’s a stay-in-bed-all-day kind of day. On rare days where I have absolutely nothing on, I love to just curl up somewhere with a cup of tea and read a book from start to finish (with music playing quietly in the background too of course)!

    Great list though – it’s been so long since I’ve had a bath!!! Sounds so good right about now!


    • Kathryn says:

      My Sunday’s have been all over the place lately, its nice to know someone else is fighting the bug going around too! Ideally my Sunday would be a day off, but I end up slacking off on Saturday and leave things until Sunday to do haha! This list is a good reminder to make it happen!

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