What do Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Nicole Kidman, Jimmy Carter, and Mel Gibson have in common?

They are all INFJ personality types!

What does it mean to have a INFJ personality? To take an extract from 16 Personalities:

As Diplomats (NF), they have an inborn sense of idealism and morality, but what sets them apart is the accompanying Judging (J) trait – INFJs are not idle dreamers, but people capable of taking concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting positive impact.

16 PersonalitiesIf you have ever done a test like that at school you would remember that your personality helps you to decide on a career that would suit your values and the way you work. A friend and I were recently discussing our tests and we decided that it is hard to remember your own traits and strengths in day to day life, but it is important to remember your value. To take the test and find out your personality type click here.

It’s free to do the basic one so have a go and share your type below!


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One Response to What do Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Nicole Kidman, Jimmy Carter, and Mel Gibson have in common?

  1. Interesting – I can’t find my old results from the one we did in school now, but I remember quite clearly that I got ENFP. However, I was only one question to E rather than I – so I sat somewhere in the middle there. I just did the one you linked above and got INFP – still close, but I think it was a greater percentage to I this time. Oh, and T. Turbulent, ey? XD

    Being a part of the Diplomat (NF) personality group, INFPs are guided by their principles, rather than by logic (Analysts), excitement (Explorers), or practicality (Sentinels). When deciding how to move forward, they will look to honor, beauty, morality and virtue – INFPs are led by the purity of their intent, not rewards and punishments. People who share the INFP personality type are proud of this quality, and rightly so, but not everyone understands the drive behind these feelings, and it can lead to isolation.

    The careers page particularly though… it’s me.

    Also, I have INFP in common with William Shakespeare, J.R.R. Tolkien, Bjork, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, Lisa Kudrow, and Tom Hiddleston 🙂


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