Psst You’ll love this but your man wont!

‘Man Cold’ Debunked

There’s nothing in the medical literature to back up any difference in men’s and women’s colds, says William Schaffner, MD, infectious disease specialist and chairman of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

But men are less likely than women to seek medical advice when they are sick.

Researchers at England’s University of Glasgow studied nearly 1,700 people and found that men were more likely than women to overrate their common cold symptoms. The researchers theorized that men and women have different thresholds for perceiving and reporting symptoms, rather than actual differences in symptoms.

That is, their cold symptoms were the same. But men and women responded differently to those symptoms


man flu

That’s right ladies, I’m sure many of you have had to put up with the dreaded Man-cold on more then one occasion. With the cooler weather on its way the bugs are getting around and we’re bound to see a recurrence of Man-Cold. Today I share prevention tips, how to deal with a man-cold sufferer, and a 3 step cure to help you get your life back!

Prevention tips

Get crazy with the surface spray. Cold and flu germs can last on surfaces for up to 24 hours! Wiping benches, handles, and other well used surfaces at least twice a day is going to help cut down on those lingering germs.

Sit some hand sanitiser with the tissues – they should never be separated again. Luckily germs only last up to 15 minutes on a tissue, but if someone in your home has the bug they can be spreading it on surfaces with their hands without realising it. Keep a pump pack near the tissue box and encourage the men in your life to use hand sanitiser after each tissue they use.

Encourage them to stay well hydrated. Staying hydrated cuts down on symptoms like a sore throat and stuffy nose. It can be water, or juice as long as they are keeping fluids up. No, tell them beer does not count.

Make them eat nutrient rich foods. A healthy diet can help fuel the immune system, so choose meals that include protein-packed foods like lean meat, fish, or beans, with a whole-grain side like brown rice and plenty of antioxidant-rich vegetables. Supplements like vitamin C, vitamin D, and Zinc are also great for preventing the man-cold.

Keep your nose clear. If symptoms start to show start using a saline spray asap to keep your nasal passages clear. Moisture helps clear the nasal passages and will reduce the severity of your cold. Resist the urge to sniff and make sure you blow your nose. Taking a hot shower also helps clear the sinuses.

Rest, don’t soldier on. Your body can fight off the virus better if you’re well-rested. The first few days of a cold is when you’re most contagious – aint’ nobody got time for that! Make sure you stay away from the office. No one will thank you when you share your germs around. If you HAVE to work or the world will end, wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitiser like your life depended it. **Warning** IF you do soldier on and go to work, not only do you risk getting everyone else sick, you wont get the rest your body needs and chances are you’ll end up falling in a heap with an even worse illness. REST.

How to deal once the man-cold attacks

If you have been unable to implement the above preventions and your man has become infected with man-cold you are in for a tough slog. Your days will be filled with requests for food, drink, and medicine. You will have to deal with complaints and the lack of assistance in all household areas. Not only that you will be at risk of infection of the common cold (much less server then their cold they will assure you). Luckily you are reading this post and so you will have ammunition to help you get through this without committing murder, well hopefully.

Sometimes the best way to deal with a man-cold sufferer is the avoidance technique. I’m not saying move out until he feels better (but maybe…) just make sure you don’t lose weeks of your life to the man-cold.

Work is your safe haven. Make some soup, arrange the bed and TV remote, leave him some medicine and make sure he knows how badly you are needed at work this week. You might even have to do overtime… just sayin’.

Sleep is bliss. Ensure your significant other is lulled to sleep with some night time cold and flu tablets. Why not get him started early by giving them to him at lunch time. A quite house all afternoon can’t be a bad thing!

Do a supermarket run and add in a coffee stop. Your man needs lozenges and soft tissues and Panadol and chips. And you will dutifully go out and get them for him even if its pouring with rain and you have to park miles from the store. This calls for an extended coffee break. Not only will you recharge with some much needed caffeine, you will have some time to read your book or check your emails without constant interruptions.


The 3 Step cure to the man-cold!

Step 1
Take him to the Doctor and make sure its nothing worse then man-cold. When reassured there is nothing the Doctor can give him for the common cold move to step 2.

Step 2
Implement prevention techniques along with sympathy and assistance as needed. Ply him with chicken soup, tea with honey, and steam in bursts.

Step 3
Make sure you squeeze in some of the ‘dealing with man-cold’ techniques until his condition improves.



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