Rainy Day Easter Activities for Kids

iStock_000005304717XLargeCamping over Easter was my family’s tradition growing up.  This year I know a lot of families doing the same thing we use to. Considering so many people are giving up the comforts of home the forecast isn’t looking all that bright! I wanted to share some rainy day activities to do this Easter, no matter the weather!

Easter Egg Hunt

There are a number of ways you can manage an Easter egg hunt when the weather is bad. The first thing is to keep it indoors, even when camping there are a number of places you can hide chocolates. If you’re set on keeping the kids outside you can use zip lock bags to hide the eggs outdoors and keep them dry. You could also use coloured paper or plastic eggs to hide and then exchange them for chocolates once they are all found.

Treasure Hunt

Weather you want to play inside or outside, a treasure hunt will keep the kids busy and out of trouble! Put together a list of things they have to find – you can write the names and draw an image for younger kids. All they need to do is find all of the treasures on the list and they can have their Easter chocolate.

Colouring Competition

You could use an Easter Bunny colouring page and have your kids colour it in for a prize. Click here for a free Easter colouring page.

Easter Word Find

Nothing says rainy day activity like a word find. You can make it a race and have the kids find as many words in 10 minutes as they can. Or you can help them find the words and spell them out. Click here for a copy.


Painting eggs is traditional at Easter. A fun alternative is to have your kids paint some egg shaped rocks. Half the fun is finding the perfect rock to paint. These also last longer then painted eggs and you don’t have to worry about them breaking.


Happy Easter!


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