A Thirfty 15 update – April

expatrate_savings_2181869bDoes anyone else suffer from a pricey month? You know, the month when all of your big bills like to come in? For me, its February. For a long time I had come to dread February knowing I’d have my credit card to pay off from Christmas, insurance and registration bills to pay. It was not a happy time.

These days my budget and a little internet banking help to keep me sane. Throughout the year little amounts automatically get transferred into a separate account. This little life saver sits and waits patiently until February when all those dreaded bills come in. Knowing I don’t have to stress about these bills is a huge weight off my shoulders.

I keep saying they should teach this stuff at school! You’d think everyone knows exactly what to do when we hit 18 and we’re considered adults. Maybe its a conspiracy between the banks and credit card companies – all wanting us in their debt forever.

Anyway! With the weather getting cooler I’ve been craving more and more comfort food. These foods can be quite pricey, especially when eating out. Some budget friendly options include things like homemade soup, roasts (that’s right, roasts), and casseroles.

31407_lThe key to keeping these tasty treats within your budget is keeping your eye out for meat when it’s on special (freezing it when you can), and being heavy handed on the seasonal vegetables. Vegetables are much cheaper then meat, and when they are in season the prices come down. To get a better idea of what is in season and when click here for an Australian guide.

Expect to see many more winter recipes as the days grow shorter and we’re kept inside because of the rain. In the mean time I’d love to hear how you have saved money recently! Leave a commend below and let me know!!

Kathryn Christie
Brick Road Creative Studios

PS. Don’t forget to tell your friends, relatives, co-workers, fellow students, enemies, random strangers, and pets about my store. If you like what you’ve seen I’m sure they’ll enjoy it too!


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