I’ll tell you what I want (what I really, really want)…

No it isn’t a Spicegirls comeback. It’s boxes of goodies sent to my door each month! I’ve always known you could get magazine subscriptions, and book club subscriptions. But I didn’t know you could could get toys, cosmetics, geek gear, and much more sent right to your door!

Given I’m on a spending fast I haven’t given in and subscribed to all the boxes. I have been seriously considering adding this into my budget though. Because really, I could subscribe to a box and the money I would usually spend on those things would come to me – and it is a great way of not overspending because its already ordered!


Alright I’ll give you the run down of a few boxes available in Australia. If you’re stuck for a gift idea maybe some of these will help you!

For all your beauty needs we have the Bella Box – starts at $15 www.bellabox.com.au

Want a surprise gift each month? Letters from Letty are just $34.95  www.lettersfromletty.com

Heres one of all of the tea lovers out there, Mr Earl will serve you up a box of different tea every month for just $13! www.mrearltea.com.au

Vegan goodies! From $30 a month The Vegan Box sends a box bursting with vegan goodness – 5 to 8 assorted snacks, superfoods, beauty, skincare and/or lifestyle products.  www.theveganbox.com

My inner fangirl was really taken with the Nerd Block, starting at $20 US you get loads of nerd gear each month – from toys to shirts to games… so fun!  www.nerdblock.com

We can’t forget the family pet! $40 a month including delivery – or there are one off parcel options. At Pet Parcels you can have organic treats and toys delivered for your dog every month.  www.petparcels.com.au

Can you see why I want some!! These are a great idea, I’ll definitely be looking here for gift inspiration this year!


About Kathryn

Hello and welcome to the Brick Road Creative Studios blog! My name is Kathryn, feel free to take a look around. I hope you find some helpful and inspiring bits and pieces here.
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