How to save money for travel (A realistic guide to help you see the world)

Whenever I’m on holiday and my departure date moves closer I usually start thinking about my next trip before I’m even back home. I’d say its because the travel bug bites me and I just can’t get enough of seeing the world.

When I decide on a location or the style of holiday I want to take I get stuck in to researching when the best time of year to go is as well as the things to do and see when I’m there.

My sister will attest to the fact that I like to choose destinations that require more than one form of transportation to get there (Car, Plane, Boat…).

In the end I could research round the world trips to my hearts content, but it all has to come back to price in the end. I want to share with you some helpful ways that you can save money for travel. Whether you want to spend months overseas or just have a week at the beach these saving tips will get you the budget you need.

save for travel

One. Splash your dream around.

Its all well and good to daydream about a holiday. But if you are going to sacrifice some luxuries in order to save money for your next holiday you need to constantly remind yourself what you are doing it for. If you can clip a picture into your wallet or purse of the destination you have in mind it will be a constant reminder of ‘do you really want to buy that coffee now, or would you rather buy it in *insert location*’. Make up a photo montage of your dream holiday and put it in a place you see every day.

Tell people! The more people know the easier it will be to save. Be open with them and tell them you can’t afford to go to that fancy restaurant just now, but why not have them come over for pasta and a movie? Share your goal.


Two. Start a spending diet.

Reviewing your budget and cutting back on luxuries is the simplest way to save some much needed holiday money. Like the examples above just cutting back on eating out as much and going to the cinema will save you a lot of money in the long run.  It might be necessary to start thinking of your spending in terms of months or years rather then days. For example if you are spending $2.50 each day on a coffee, over a month that adds up to $75! Or $900 a year! Imagine where you could go for $900!

If you don’t have a budget its a good idea to start one. Click here for an easy to use template to get yourself started. You might be surprised about where your money is currently going. Being concious of it is an amazingly helpful step and it really is easy.

Three.  Keep track.

Like with any kind of budgeting keeping track of your spending is key in controlling your savings. Always ask for a receipt and collect them over a week. Now when you get to the end of the week and wonder where all that money went you can track it all and make some changes for the better.

There are some really helpful budgeting apps out there these days if you want to keep track of things that way if that makes it easier. The idea is to spend consciously and to make sure you’re reaching your saving goals.

Four. Set a target.

It’s important to have a reasonable and achievable goal so that you can see yourself getting closer to it. You don’t want to lose interest or be discouraged when it comes to saving. Once you have reviewed your spending you’ll have a better idea of how much you can save. This will help you get a better idea of when you can expect to be able to take your trip.

Five. Swapping and saving.

Swapping can be as small or as big as you like. It could be as small as swapping your $2.50 daily coffee for a .20c instant coffee. You could swap your magazine subscriptions or gym membership for online articles or bushwalking. Swapping is all about spending less or nothing at all where possible.

Six. Sell things you don’t need.

Be it old books, DVDs, or CDs you are bound to have things that you no longer want or need and there are people out there that do. Try ebay or gumtree to clear out some of your unwanted possessions and move the cash directly into your travel savings.


Seven. Book it! There is no going back.

A number of travel agents will allow you to book a trip in advance with a deposit, and then you can just gradually pay it off until the deadline. This is a fantastic motivator as you will get a number of brochures and find out exactly what you will be doing on your trip.

And there you have it! I hope these tips can help you on your way to your next destination! Do you have any tips on how to save money for travel? Maybe even some tips on how to save money on the trip itself! Please leave a comment below, I’d love to know your thoughts!



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