But how much is it? A Thrifty 15 Update

But how much is itWe’re constantly bombarded with advertising for supermarket specials, and as a thrifty saver I want to know if any one chain is consistently cheaper than the others. Thankfully there is a lot of research out there to make it easy for us. If you compare the leading supermarkets the best bargains will be found at Aldi, followed by Coles and then Woolworths with a small margin between the last two.

With this information the question then becomes how do you get them items you need and prefer while still getting the best prices.

One fact I’ve seen time and time again is that you’ll save a lot of money if you choose to purchase house brand goods rather than the nationally famous brands. This is the main reason Aldi is so much cheaper, they generally only stock their own brands.

So what happens when you throw a wholesale store like Costco into the mix? Having recently become a member I can tell you there are definitely some great deals to be found. However don’t assume that because you’re buying it at costco its the best deal around. I noticed that they only stock John West tuna, when you compare it to what you’d pay elsewhere it is a good deal. However if like me you’re not fussed if its John West you can find some better deals on tuna elsewhere.

They stock a number of brand name items at discounted prices so if you love your brands but want to pay less, you should try costco. Personally I’m happy with house brand items most of the time so I’ve been making a list and sticking to it when it comes to costco. Things like tissues and toilet paper are items you can store forever so these are on my monthly costco list.

How do you keep an eye on your shopping spend?

Until next time, colour outside the lines, dream big, enjoying the little things, and above all else… embrace imperfection.




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