kattyHello I’m Kathryn Christie. I am an artist, cook, writer, book collector, reader of said books, occasional gym junkie, adventurer, thrift shopper, secret agent, and owner of Brick Road Creative Studios. In my free time when I’m not out exploring and taking photos I can usually be found in my studio making crafty messes.

Brick Road Creative Studios is a blog for busy women who want to stay organised, make memories worth sharing, spend more time doing the things they enjoy with the people they love, all while using their personal creativity and style every single day.

In addition to the blog there is also Brick Road Creative Studios the online store that sells locally handmade gifts, and more recently, online courses for scrapbookers and list makers.

Here at Brick Road Creative Studios we celebrate doing-it-yourself, always learning, failed attempts, dreaming big, enjoying the little things, and above all else… embracing imperfection. Creativity is messy, and we’re very creative.

So, want to know more about me?

I live in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne Victoria. I collect tourist pins from all of the cities and countries I have visited. I’m always experimenting with nail polish to see what combination to wear next. I did not inherit my mum’s green thumb, plants look at me and wilt. I have an obsession with stationary; pens, paper, notebooks, journals, diaries, organizers, coloured texters..! If I had to choose I’d say I’m more of a dog person then a cat person, I love cats but I do tend to take their personality trait of indifference to heart. With dogs all you need to do is leave the room, come back and a dog will act like you’ve been gone a year. Lastly, I’m not a singer, but I sometimes sing about what I’m doing, while I do it… wow that’s a little embarrassing, don’t tell anyone about that last one.

Wondering how I got here? 

Click here for my entire story (you’ve been warned – it’s long)

If you have any questions or want further information please email me at brickroadcreativestudios@gmail.com. You can also view my products, designs, and ideas by visiting my pinterest page here. Don’t forget to sign up for my weekly emails, you can subscribe here.

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