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Want to de-clutter all of those piles of paper and stay organised?

Last year I revolutionised how I work with paper messes at the office and at home. Today I wanted to share this system again so that you can say goodbye to piles of paper and hello to an organised space! … Continue reading

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Time for a Creative Outlet

I’ve been so wrapped up in deadlines and keeping up with urgent things that I had completely forgotten how amazingly fun and relaxing it is to lose yourself in creativity. Relaxing and reading a good book has become my go-to … Continue reading

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The art of doing stuff, and great Aunt Jean and her ipad

When I come across something funny or really helpful I’m all for sharing it because I know plenty of you out there are after a laugh or a bit of direction, sometimes both at the same time. Which brings me … Continue reading

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Psst You’ll love this but your man wont!

‘Man Cold’ Debunked There’s nothing in the medical literature to back up any difference in men’s and women’s colds, says William Schaffner, MD, infectious disease specialist and chairman of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. But men are … Continue reading

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If you know what you really want and you want to know how to make it happen in 2015…

You need to visit Nicole’s blog ‘A Life Less Bullshit’ by clicking here. Why? Nicole has constructed the perfect ekit with everything you need: simple instructions, printable worksheets, and a clear and straightforward approach to getting focused on what you really … Continue reading

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Celebrations and Events

We all love to catch up with friends, family and neighbours at Christmas time. So, how to do it? Have a Plan. The Basics: The Occasion – Obviously this time of year its for Christmas, but is it a catch … Continue reading

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On the first day of…

Summer! You thought I was going to say Christmas didn’t you! Well in Australia both are true. AND this summer/Christmas season I’m sharing some tips on how you can feel more alive and invigorated even when it’s stinking hot outside … Continue reading

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5 Tools busy women use to make more time to read

Chances are that you’ve said it to yourself, at least once: “I should read more”. Whether you’re too busy to read a book or you just have trouble getting attached to one, we have 5 tools that busy women just … Continue reading

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Size Matters! – how to organise your handbag

I pride myself on my organised handbag, I’ve found the perfect size, shape, and colour for everyday use, as well as some handy tricks for shifting from one bag to another for weekends and special occasions. It is easy to … Continue reading

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Express your unique style everyday

Unique style is all about expressing yourself through fashion.  Your personal taste for clothes, your interests, inspirations, aspirations and history all play a part in the way you dress. A clever way to always done your unique style is to spend … Continue reading

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