Favourite Books

getting real about having it all

Megan is fantastic, her instructions on finding the best kind of balance for your altimate life is just brilliant.

Every women needs to read this book.

Kate forsyth

I could sit and read Kate all day long. I own all of her books, The Wild Girl being her newest one.
Kate writes spellbinding fantasy, mixed in with history.


patric rothfuss

I stumbled upon this book while browsing the si-fi fantasy section, COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! Needless to say I have since read the second book, and eagerly await the third!


happiness project

This is an excellent memoir of how Gretchen Rubin set out to make her everyday life happier.

There are some excellent tips in here that I think everyone can gain from.





Favourite Blogs

Life less bullshit

Nicole is brilliant to read and very amusing. She is all about living the life you want, the way you want to live it. 



And then we saved

As the title suggests this blog is all about how to save some money. It has brilliant ideas and practical tips.



GreatistGreatist is perfect for finding new recipes, exercise tips, creative prompts, you name it!




Favourite Places


Healesville is known for its  gourmet food and wine. The town centre is one of my favourite places to visit.

Upper Yarra Dam Apr 18 2011 038

The Upper Yarra Dam on a clear day is worth seeing. Not only is it stunning, you will see loads of native animals in their natural habitat.


The local library (ok this isn’t a picture of my actual local library, I just loved it!). Free books to borrow and quite time? Sold.


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