I’m on gif overload!

I just had to get crazy and share a bunch of gifs that I enjoy.

gatos fofos








miuda gru mais nova






































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Learning, networking, supporting a worthy cause, AND breakfast?

Such a great committee meeting last night! Thrilled about all the plans that are well underway for the Business Breakfast – Double your Referral Income FAST. As a small business owner this is a great chance to meet with other local small business owners and really make some plans for growing your business. Can’t wait!!

Here is a peak at some of the photos from last years event:


For table bookings we arrange your company colours to be displayed for the room to see. Nothing like bringing some of your valued clients along and showing them a great time.


Not only is it an opportunity for you to meet other like minded business owners, you will come away with valuable ideas that you can implement into your business right away!


The CoGS Australia team are all business owners who volunteer their time to put together events to raise funds for the communities of Jabang Village, The Gambia.



It’s shaping up to be an even bigger event this year and as a committee member of CoGS Australia I couldn’t be happier.

We are a small team of volunteers and are always looking to add members to our team. If you can spare just 2 hours a month we have a task you can help us with! If you want to know more, or even just attend a committee meeting so check things out, please shoot me and email kathryn@cogsgambia.org


For more information on CoGS Australia follow this link. If you want to know more about our coming events follow this link.

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How to stay fighting fit this winter

happyIt winter here in Australia and this week in Melbourne has been especially chilly!! I’m always going on about being organised and passing on tips on how to make your goals happen. Today I want to remind you that you can’t do any of that if you’re not taking care of yourself!

So from one busy bee to another here are some tips to make sure you stay fighting fit throughout winter.

Drink water
Its harder to remember that you still need to drink a lot of water each day when its cold and you don’t necessarily feel thirsty. But drinking water helps your body to function all year round. Make sure you’re drinking 8 ounces (about 2 litres) every day!

Food for health and happiness
Winter is the perfect time for comfort food – but when you can try and put a healthy spin on it. I’m a huge fan of soup so I always throw tones of veggies into it. But you can do the same with pies, casseroles, and other family favourites.

Stay in touch
Make sure you make time to visit friends and family. It’s easy to let yourself cancel plans when its cold and wet out. Even if you make calls instead of visiting, make sure you check in with the important people in your life – they might need a chat too!

Keep your space clean
One tip I have been told to help you get better sooner when you catch a cold it to remove all evidence of being sick. Make sure tissues go in the bin, keep medication in boxes or out of sight. not having these constant reminders of your illness in your face will help you feel better sooner.

You time
Retreat into a place that’s all your own. Lock the door, ignore the phone and just spend some time with yourself. I find meditation a great tool for getting rid of stresses and calming any anxiety. If that’s not for you maybe read a book or listen to your favourite music.

Fake it till you make it
Smile. Even if you don’t feel like it. Smiles can change your mood completely, they can pick you up and make a bad day good. And they’re free!

Don’t sweat the small stuff
Some things may seem important and crucial but in the big scheme of things is it really worth all the worry and negative energy?

Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy – bye bye winter blues and hello slim summer body preparation!



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June Reads – BRCS Book Club Review and Discussion

It has taken me weeks to figure out what I liked about the book. I’ve been making my way through it and wondering if I’m missing something.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t like it. I had heard so many good things and read glowing reviews. But when it came down to reading it for myself I had to force myself to read it every step of the way. I almost didn’t finish it but knew I needed to, just in case something helped pull it all together at the end and I realised I did like it.

The writing and story were very scattered, a bit like thoughts can be sometimes. Maybe that’s what she was going for. It seemed very self-involved to me, given it was coming from one person’s point of view that can be necessary to a point. However it seemed to change from time frames and scenes so often it was hard to get into the flow of it.

A quick summary for anyone that hasn’t read it:

Reeling from a failed marriage, Sheila, a twenty-something playwright, finds herself unsure of how to live and create.

When Margaux, a talented painter and free spirit, and Israel, a sexy and depraved artist, enter her life, Sheila hopes that through close—sometimes too close—observation of her new friend, her new lover, and herself, she might regain her footing in art and life.

Using transcribed conversations, real emails, plus heavy doses of fiction, the brilliant and always innovative Sheila Heti crafts a work that is part literary novel, part self-help manual, and part bawdy confessional.

I love reading about self discovery and learning from other people’s journey’s, but I don’t feel that this book taught me anything worthwhile. Maybe I was expecting too much, or just expecting something entirely different…

I’d love to hear your thoughts, what did you think about this one? Did I just miss the point? Leave a comment below 🙂


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Brick Road Creative Studios turns 3! Plus Prizes!!

And I’m as excited as a minion at a dance party!


This blog is three years and over 360 blog posts old. Its like a toddler that has grown so much over the last 36 months I can hardly believe how fast the time has flown.

In celebration of Brick Road Creative Studios’ third birthday I’m going to share the love by giving away prizes to my readers.Boo

To enter all you need to do is create your own version of Boo the Brick Road Creative Studios Owl – you can draw, paint, scribble, create a collage, photograph, sculpt, or build a Lego Boo. Make him say something funny, have him having tea with friends, get your kids to colour in Boo the BRCS Owl template – it all counts! Once you have created a Boo I’d like you to email me a photo or copy of your Boo. This counts as your first entry into the give away draw.

I am allowing multiple entries. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin, Google+Pinterest, or subscribe to my newsletter, you can say so in the email and have additional chances to win. If you don’t yet follow me on one of these platforms you can start now for more entries!

For example, if you follow me on Facebook and subscribe to my newsletter, just say so in your email when you send your picture. This will give you three chances to win (1 because you sent a picture of your Boo + 2 follows).

Want to know what you’re going in the draw to win? There are 3 Prizes up for grabs here is a taste of what you’re going in the draw to win:

A Brick Road Creative Studios Greeting Card Set with Gel Pens valued at $50, a ‘Spoil Me’ Pamper Pack valued at $60, and a Scrapbooking Starter pack valued at $100!

Pictures of the prizes and details of exactly what you will get will be posted next week so keep your eye out for these goodies. International entries are welcome 🙂

Entries close Friday 31 July at 6pm and the winners will be announced on Monday the 3rd of August. Please send your entry to brickroadcreativestudios@gmail.com. I will be sharing entries on Social media throughout the month so feel free to do the same.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your creations!


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It’s always tea time

Image source

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July Reads – BRCS Book Club

Luckiest Girl AliveThis July the book club will be reading Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll.


As a teenager at the prestigious Bradley School, Ani FaNelli endured a shocking, public humiliation that left her desperate to reinvent herself. Now, with a glamorous job, expensive wardrobe, and handsome blue blood fiancée, she’s “this close” to living the perfect life she’s worked so hard to achieve. But Ani has a secret.

There’s something else buried in her past that still haunts her, something private and painful that threatens to bubble to the surface and destroy everything. With a singular voice and twists you won’t see coming, “Luckiest Girl Alive” explores the unbearable pressure that so many women feel to “have it all” and introduces a heroine whose sharp edges and cut-throat ambition have been protecting a scandalous truth, and a heart that’s bigger than it first appears. The question remains: will breaking her silence destroy all that she has worked for–or, will it at long last, set Ani free?

Sounds like an amazing read doesn’t it! So you have just over one week to borrow, buy, or find yourself a copy of this book, get moving!

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You have what growing in a pot?

Images source

Image source. 

Image Source.

Image source. 


Aww they think they’re houseplants! Cute.

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I’m so busy! How do I make my goals happen?

goalsIt’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a new project to start. Its easy to see so much distance between now and achieving your goal. The best way to manage it is to map it out.

Get specific about your goal. This is the start of your map, the ‘I am here’ section. Don’t say ‘I want to write a book’ its too general. Say ‘I want to write a book about Australian Native Plants’. Getting really specific helps you to outline the steps you need to take.

Draw a line from where you are now, to where you want to be – achieving your goal. Now outline the items you need and the things you need to do step by step to get to that goal. I find drawing this out on a big piece of paper the best way to get a clear image of your map. You need to break these things down into small achievable steps.

To do that you need to configure a timeline with goal dates. It’s all well and good to write down you’ll write 2000 words a day for your book only to realise you only realistically have time for maybe 200 to 500 words a day. You know your day-to-day activities better than anyone, so look at what you’re doing with your time and make time for your project. If you’re not sure how you can do this check out this post it has everything you need to know.

Now that you have your map, and some ideas on when you can work on the project make sure you set some goal dates for milestones to keep yourself on track. Real progress is only made when you act on your plans and put them into action.

Work work work! When you have a clear guide like the map we have created it’s easy to move from step to step. You may have set backs but the more you focus on each smaller step the easier it becomes.

Review and record your progress as you make it. This can also mean you need to change deadlines and timeframes if they are not working for you. That’s ok! The point of a map is to help you keep moving forward. By reviewing how your project is going you can get a much better understanding of what you have done so far.

Don’t forget to celebrate once you reach the goal! So often we move on to the next project without giving ourselves proper credit for all the hard work we have put in. Remember to take the time to congratulate yourself on a job well done!

goal setting


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But how much is it? A Thrifty 15 Update

But how much is itWe’re constantly bombarded with advertising for supermarket specials, and as a thrifty saver I want to know if any one chain is consistently cheaper than the others. Thankfully there is a lot of research out there to make it easy for us. If you compare the leading supermarkets the best bargains will be found at Aldi, followed by Coles and then Woolworths with a small margin between the last two.

With this information the question then becomes how do you get them items you need and prefer while still getting the best prices.

One fact I’ve seen time and time again is that you’ll save a lot of money if you choose to purchase house brand goods rather than the nationally famous brands. This is the main reason Aldi is so much cheaper, they generally only stock their own brands.

So what happens when you throw a wholesale store like Costco into the mix? Having recently become a member I can tell you there are definitely some great deals to be found. However don’t assume that because you’re buying it at costco its the best deal around. I noticed that they only stock John West tuna, when you compare it to what you’d pay elsewhere it is a good deal. However if like me you’re not fussed if its John West you can find some better deals on tuna elsewhere.

They stock a number of brand name items at discounted prices so if you love your brands but want to pay less, you should try costco. Personally I’m happy with house brand items most of the time so I’ve been making a list and sticking to it when it comes to costco. Things like tissues and toilet paper are items you can store forever so these are on my monthly costco list.

How do you keep an eye on your shopping spend?

Until next time, colour outside the lines, dream big, enjoying the little things, and above all else… embrace imperfection.



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